Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free Toothpaste at Rite Aid

Just thought I would mention that today I got Crest ProHealth Enamel Shield toothpast (4.2 oz) Free after rebate at Rite Aid. However, it didn't ring up at the $2.69 it was supposed to (it rang up at $3.69). Another gal there was also buying the same thing, so we mentioned the discrepancy to the cashier, the manager called someone, and they agreed to ring it up at the sale price. Worth asking for, cuz now it is FREE. I will add it to the eight toothpastes on the shelf in my basement food storage area, and when we run out of toothpaste upstairs, we can just go down to our "store" and get a FREE one. The sale is only good until the end of the week, so get yours right away!